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SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition (upgrade in the USA)


-- This article is for american territory only --

After its successful introduction in France, you too can now enjoy the incredible multichannel experience of the SMYTH Realiser A16 on 2 speakers with the "Speaker Edition by Audio XD" upgrade, now done in the USA.

As you know, the SMYTH Realiser A16 is the world's best Home Cinema processor for headphones. It's surround sound virtualization via headphones is unparalleled. No other company in the world can match it for Spatial Audio... Not even Apple! For the most realistic Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D experience via headphones, the SMYTH Realiser A16 stands completely alone.

However, as exceptional as it may be, listening to the SMYTH Realiser A16 with headphones is not always convenient or the best option. For example. Headphones (and their cables) can limit your movement. They can also become uncomfortable for longer listening sessions. But most importantly, headphones can isolate you from enjoying your favorite audio with friends loved ones.

Have you ever been excited to experience a Dolby Atmos movie or series with your A16... but had to settle for a stereo conversion through your television speakers or a soundbar?

Unfortunately, as good as soundbars are, they cannot compete with the immersive audio of your SMYTH Realiser A16 via headphones. The reasons are simple. Physicality: the soundbar's multiple speakers are too small to deliver power and fidelity to you. Technology: except for models that come with two surround speakers positioned behind you, no other virtualization process on the market can convincingly place sound behind you.

However, as an owner of the SMYTH Realiser A16, you are in a unique situation. As you know, with high quality PRIRs and HPEQs, the A16 can reproduce all audio formats as well as upmix legacy formats for a truly immersive experience via headphones. But did you know that another magical virtualization technology like the one of SMYTH Research for headphone can be achieved with a pair of hi-fi speakers?

Introducing the SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition by Audio XD!

Imagine using the Hi-Fi speakers you already have next to your television as an alternative to headphones. The SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition by Audio XD now gives you the ability to listen to all your multichannel music, programs, and video games in immersive surround sound on your favorite speakers.

Thanks to the exclusive technology based on neural AI developed in France by Audio XD, you can now enjoy "head turning" surround sound experience from just two speakers. The effects are so immersive and believable, you will be looking for height and surround speakers that aren't there.

Since it's introduction in 2021, all upgrades for the SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition by Audio XD were performed exclusively at the AV-in headquarters in France. Unfortunately, shipping costs, customs fees and international travel time limited most Realiser owners (from the United States) from making the A16 Speaker Edition upgrade. Starting in 2023, Thanks to the partnership between AV-in, Audio-XD and a 3DSoundShop, Realiser A16 owners based in the United States can now upgrade their machines to the incredible SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition. Because the 3DSoundShop is located near Allentown Pennsylvania, US based customers now can expect a professional, fully insured 10-day turnaround time without the hassle of unexpected customs fees and international shipping.

The prerequisites are simple. You need:

    • • An SMYTH Realiser A16 ready to be modified; either horizontal (2U) or vertical (HS).
    • • A good pair of active or passive (amplifier required) speakers with great dynamic range.
    • • For optimal immersive rendering... Your speakers should be placed on either side of your TV and form an angle of 20°, 45°, or 60° from your main listening position.
    • • An available stereo, coax, or optical audio input on your amplifier or active speakers to connect to the corresponding output of the SMYTH Realiser A16 SE.
    • • At least 5 feet of empty space to the right and left of the speakers. This allows the created 3D sound field to reach your ears without being polluted by lateral reflections.

That's it! The rest of your SMYTH Realiser A16 headphone setup remains unchanged. There will be no need to modify any of your source inputs.

When listening to speakers... unplug your headphones. When listening to headphones... turn off your speakers. Simple!

As a SMYTH Realiser A16 owner, you know the machine can be somewhat complicated and has a bit of a learning curve. You will love that the SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition comes fully configured and is mostly plug and play. They only choice you will need to make is for your speaker set up: 20°, 45° or the 60° default.

For thunderous bass and the thump in your chest... The Speaker Edition also has the option to add up to two subwoofers.

Naturally, this conversion, which enhances the features of your SMYTH Realiser A16, does not restrict any of its initial functions and will not change or void anything in terms of the original manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, you will also benefit from the warranty and support of AV-in and 3DSoundShop for the Speaker function of your A16. You will also have the ability to completely remove the speaker function and restore it in a simplified manner, without the need for additional returns.

We are pleased to report that in a survey of A16 customers that upgraded to the SE, over 86% of them stated that they would definitely do it again!

However, we want to be honest and tell you that this SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition conversion by Audio XD may not be for you if:

    • • You already have multiple speakers around you in your favorite listening room (where your SMYTH Realiser A16 is located).
    • • You cannot play sound on speakers at home due to noise...

However, this conversion is right for you if:

    • • You already own your SMYTH Realiser A16.
    • • You own a or intend to purchase a nice pair of speakers that will positioned on either side of your TV/projector screen.
    • • Headphone listening bothers you sometimes.
    • • You want to listen with others (the best immersive spot is naturally in the center, the sweet spot, but your family and friends on the periphery will all enjoy dynamic and natural sound).
    • • You want real surround sound but without having to place speakers on the ceiling or behind you.
    • • You want an ultra-simplified implementation.

If you check all these boxes, order your conversion right here, now. You can choose from the options offered between direct deposit/pickup at 3DSoundShop in New Tripoli, round-trip transportation from the USA*, and with or without insurance.

*: if your A16 is in another american country, please contact us before ordering.

In more detail, the Audio-XD conversion of your SMYTH Realiser A16 will ultimately add 4 exclusive modes to it:

    1. Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 decoding and Audio XD rendering on 2 speakers**
    2. DTS:X 7.1.4 decoding and Audio XD rendering on 2 speakers**
    3. Optimized decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 on 2 speakers**
    4. Expansion of 2.0 stereo cinema audio tracks to Audio XD 7.0 rendering on 2 speakers.

**: possibility to add one or two subwoofers.

As an exclusive bonus, the SMYTH Realiser A16 SE also includes two optimized Audio XD profiles for pure 2.0 Hi-Fi listening on headphones.

Important: The Audio-XD conversion process may require a prior reset of your SMYTH Realiser A16. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up your PRIR and HPEQ before sending them, both on permanent memory (not erased), but also for safety on a micro-SD card. Whenever possible, your Presets will be preserved or reconstructed.

For any questions, please contact John from 3DSoundShop who will perform your conversion, or AV-in in the chat tab at the bottom of the page.

Remark: The conversion is possible on every SMYTH Realiser A16 model, including those in the Pro range.

Click on the link above to order the upgrade of your SMYTH Realiser A16 to SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition by Audio XD.

And if you do not own yet a SMYTH Realiser A16, you can order a full equiped one clicking here (shipped from France) but there is at least a 3 months delay.


PS: payment on boutique (HQ in France) is made in Euro. Thus, the price indicated in dollars may vary dayly according to €/$ conversion.

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