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SMYTH Realiser A16 SE (Speaker Edition) by Audio XD


The SMYTH Realiser A16 SE (Speaker Edition) is a premium version of the SMYTH Realiser A16 for listening to movies, music, games or series with audio up to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D on two Hi-Fi speakers, using patented Audio XD technology.

The SMYTH Realiser A16 SE allows you to take advantage of the auditory immersion provided by a multi-speaker configuration all around you, but with only 2 speakers or also one or two headphones, for late listening.

It is aimed at those equipped with a good Hi-Fi installation and who wish to enjoy a superior multi-channel experience with their equipment, without changing or adding multiple speakers.

Stereo speaker operation is added to the original headphone operation of the SMYTH Realiser A16.

In "Speaker" mode, the SMYTH Realiser A16 Speaker Edition by Audio XD must be connected to 2 active speakers (self-amplified) or to a stereo amplifier and 2 passive speakers. This connection to the amplifier goes through 2 RCA/CINCH or a variable level optical/coaxial output. It is also possible to connect one or two subwoofers, controlled by the A16 SE, if desired.


To enjoy faithful multi-speaker immersion with Audio XD technology, the angle of the spacing between the stereo speakers, on either side of the screen, must be 20°, 45° or 60° per relation to the listener (only adjustment during configuration).

The choice of speakers (not supplied) is free.

The SMYTH Realiser A16 SE is inserted in the pathway between the screen and a TV Box, an Apple TV, a CD player, an audio streamer, a Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray 4K player using HDMI or RCA/CINCH cords .

The SMYTH Realiser A16 SE adds 4 modes to the Realiser A16:

  1. Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 decoding and Audio XD rendering on 2 speakers*
  2. DTS:X 7.1.4 decoding and Audio XD rendering on 2 speakers*
  3. Optimized decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 on 2 speakers*
  4. Enlargement of cinema 2.0 stereo audio tracks in Audio XD 7.0 rendering on 2 speakers*.

*: possibility of adding one or two subwoofer(s).

As a bonus, the SMYTH Realiser A16 SE adds for listening with its headphones two XD Audio profiles optimized for a very premium Hi-Fi rendering of stereo sources.

The SMYTH Realiser A16 SE is available the connection next :

  • - 4 inputs/1 output HDMI 2.0b with eARC (4K60, Dolby Vision)
  • - 1 analog input/1 output 16 channels on 3.5 mm mini-jack***
  • - 1 16-channel USB DAC port
  • - 2 coaxial SPDIF digital audio inputs/1 output
  • - 2 headphone outputs on 6.35 mm jack on the front
  • - 2 outputs for amplified speakers on CINCH
  • - 1 Ethernet network port
  • - 1 micro SD slot
  • - 2 proprietary ports
  • - 2 measurement microphone inputs

***: on the A16 SE (2U horizontal model) for the general public. For the Pro models, this input/output is replaced by balanced on DB25 for the A16 SE BAL model; AES 3 for the A16 SE AES3 model; and Dante for the A16 SE Dante model.

The SMYTH Realiser A16 SE comes with the accessories following:

  • - Infrared remote control
  • - Tools to help with the optimal positioning of the speakers
  • - User guides in French & english
  • - 12v mains power supply
  • - Head tracking kit for one headphone
  • - Micro-SD card containing room files for the headphone function
  • - Binaural microphone kit for headphone function

Please note: Hi-Fi headphones are not included.

- Availability: contact us -

The "Speaker Edition by Audio XD" feature can be configured on all SMYTH Realiser A16 models in the AV-in catalog, including the Pro models. Make your choice from the drop-down menu at the top.

For the conversion of a SMYTH Realiser A16 model in your possession, please consult the dedicated page.


About Audio XD
Founded in 2017, Audio XD is a French company with an office in Los Angeles, specializing in the recreation of natural sounds for listening devices such as stereo headphones or stereo speakers. Previously, the company, which was called Audio 3D, had specialized in the encoding for Blu-ray of stereo audio tracks with 3D sound that could be listened to through headphones with numerous video editors (BBC, Fox, M6, Studio Canal, TF1, Universal, Warner, Wildside). After the Red Hydrogen smartphone with auto-stereoscopic screen (marketed mainly in the USA), the SMYTH Realiser SE by Audio XD is the second commercial product to integrate Audio XD technologies, with its most advanced research to date in neural AI serving reproduction of natural sound on 2 speakers.


Note : for a payment by SEPA transfer, please contact us (via the form at the bottom right of your screen).

Note 2: illustrative visual. The speakers are not provided (their choice is yours).

Orders of SMYTH Realiser A16, A16 SE and headphones are delivered by Chronopost, with tracking and delivery against signature.

Order for the SE upgrade are proceed as indicated in the order.

Orders for accessories, discs and LED strips are delivered by postage.

You are always kept informed of the progress of your order.

The Ultra HD Benchmark Spears & Munsil box set is up for pre-order. Delivery after May 15 in tracked mail.

In accordance with French legislation for distance selling, in France, you benefit from a trial period of 15 working days from the receipt of your order.
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